Under this section on my website I will publish the links to articles which give more information about certain aspects of soul healing or more information about the experiences I had with soul healing and/or photography.
It is mainly about my personal experiences and the background information I used and which helped me to get more clarity and which I like to share hoping it helps you as well.
We could all learn together in this way.

I am very grateful to all those who have helped me and who taught me many things, so I could become the person I needed to be. I truly wish my experiences will help you move forward on your journey.

I also posted a few photoblogs with more background information or funny stories about the photos I took. I hope you enjoy reading them. You can click on the direct links below.

My blog “My Soul Healing Journey to the Purest Light: About Hope, Healing of my Chronic and Life-threatening Condition and Happiness”, is about my own healing proces and the Soul Healing Techniques I learned from Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. You can find it here:

Different Titles on my blog (click on the title to go directly to the blog posting:

  1. Start of this blog
  2. There is always a way
  3. The Flying Seagull
  4. A gratitude list
  5. Every bite counts
  6. October 6, 2010: The day my Soul Healing Journey Begins
  7. Hope for the Hopeless
  8. What is Soul Healing all about?
  9. Why I use spiritual wisdom and practices for healing and transformation
  10. Bring Light in your Life
  11. Divine Healing Hands
  12. Soul Healing experience for Thyroid (Dutch)
  13. The Four Power Techniques
  14. How can you improve your health, if you don’t even have a proper diagnosis?
  16. Soul Healing and ME/CFS – part 1: Is it possible to feel better?
  17. Soul Healing and ME/CFS – part 2: A life with ME
  18. Soul Healing and ME/CFS – part 3: Never alone
  19. What do you devote your time and attention to?
  20. Soul Healing and ME/CFS – part 4: Blockages in the energy metabolism of the human body.
  21. Soul Healing and ME/CFS – part 5: Root causes of sickness and other challenges in life
  22. Soul Healing and ME/CFS – part 6: Hope through Soulfulness 
  23. The importance-of-rest 
  24. A better world, is it possible?
  25. From 3rd to 4th Dimension
  26. The significance of an open heartchakra & (chronic) conditions
  27. Live your life’s purpose
  28. Mirror neurons: how the experiences of others can help you
  29. The story of the Dragon Fly
  30. Depression – Anxiety and Tao Healing
  31. HEALING FEAR, how to do this through Soulfulness and Tao Healing?
  32. Powerful Tao healing brings hope
  33. The love and protection from our guides
  35. Your Higher Self and your Shadow 
  36. Involve me, and I will learn
  37. The Fall Season: What could this season do for your health?
  38. 2018 – A challenging year that also brought me many things 
  39. 3 suggestions to protect yourself against negative energies surrounding you
  40. I see you, I hear you, I feel you.
  41. How to transform pain or certain situations in your life?
  42. How can I help?
  43. Client Testimonial Soul Healing for ME/CFS
  44. Suicide Attempt: a cry for help (testimonial)
  45. 8 suggestions for when you are facing difficulties in life
  46. Message from the Galactic Council of Light
  47. Message #2 from the Galactic Council of Light
  48. Would you like to be that one person?
  49. A Call for Global Awakening
  50. The NEW EARTH will arrive through you
  51. Messages from the Animal Kingdom
  52. Soul communication: Love is..
  53. Soul Communication with a Sea Angel
  54. “The New (Normal) DIFFERENT”
  55. Life is a gift
  56. With help from the police
  57. History ends, Her Story begins!
  58. Chronically ill?
  59. FLIP-THINKING from being ill towards opportunities


Artikel: Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies


My story has been published in a book


Photoblog Part 1: Rivendell

Photoblog: about toadstools, mushrooms and a prince?

Photoblog: Bowen Island Part 2: Waterfall

Sunshine, Freedom and a Little Flower

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