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On my website you can read a lot about Tao Healing and Soulfulness. But what is Tao and why is it so important to our lives?

What is Tao?
Tao is a term that comes from Lao Tzu, a wise man from China who wrote the Tao Te Ching. A book even more widespread than the Bible, and full of profound wisdom.

Tao is the Source, the ultimate Creator who created Heaven, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes.
Tao is the totality of the universal Principles and laws, including:

  • the law of Yin and Yang 
  • the law of the Five elements 
  • the law of Shen (= soul, heart and mind) Qi (energy) and Jing (matter)

Tao is the love and light from the Source.
Tao is the frequency and vibration from the Source.

What is DE?
DE is the nourishment of the Tao. It is invisible but so powerful.
DE is nectar, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and all the essential nutrients from the Tao. That which nourishes us. We need that to maintain our connection to Source, but not everyone is aware of that.

What is Tao DE?
Tao is the creator,
DE nourishes with all nutrients. The priceless nourishment of Tao is Tao Shen (Tao soul, heart, mind), Qi (energy) and Jing (matter). This has a much higher purity and higher frequency than our Shen Qi Jing, our soul, heart, mind, energy and matter, and therefore it can nourish and support us in many ways. 

The cause of all life’s challenges is simple:

All of life’s challenges,
including health, relationships, finances,
are due to lack of Tao DE.

We are short of the positive nourishment from the Tao. Because of the many negative blockages in our soul, heart, mind and body, we have forgotten to connect with the Tao, or are no longer able to do so properly.
In order to change that, we need to learn how to take that positive nourishment from the Tao back into us.
The spiritual journey is about learning the wisdom and practical technieques to be able to receive that Tao DE.
That is how we can reconnect with our highest, purest core. After all, we all carry a core of the Tao within us, our highest pure soul is Tao. This part of us has the highest qualities, the highest potential, the most powerful energy and purest matter.
Soulfulness focuses on learning that knowledge and the techniques you can apply, to strengthen that connection yourself.
Tao Healing brings you the light and love from the Tao to help you dissolve the blockages and reconnect.

As mentioned before, Lao Tzu wrote a beautiful book about the Tao. The essence of chapter 17 ties in nicely with this. 
This is an excerpt from a lesson by Dr. and Master Sha who explained the Chinese text of Lao Tzu in this way:

The beginning of a human life is very, very long ago.
A person is then unaware of the existence of Tao because his heart is the purest. People’s hearts fused with Tao or were closest to Tao.
Then people’s hearts began to separate from Tao, but they still recognized and admired Tao.
Then people’s desires grew and people’s hearts began to turn further away from Tao. People’s desire for money and other material things increased. Theft and stealing increased.
People then even began to fear the Tao.

In the very early days their hearts were very pure, like a newborn baby. Not selfish, me, me, me and I want this and I want that. Just a pure heart. 
But greed and lusts increased. The hearts became polluted. People’s desires were too great.
They only wanted to fulfill their own desires and people began to go against Tao and insult the Tao.
Then the leaders of the country no longer believed in Tao and they distracted the people from the Tao. There, the ordinary people’s faith in Tao was deeply affected.  

How many people today realize the existence of Tao and believe in the power of Tao?
In today’s society, people’s hearts have become more and more distant from Tao.
To save humanity and ourselves, we must return to the connection with Tao and DE, the nectar and virtue. We can heal through Tao DE.

The Tao, the Creator, is within us. The Tao is all around us.
Restoring that connection to the Tao deep within us and to the pure Light around us is what can help us heal from the core and overcome life’s challenges.
When we restore that connection we can actually become whole.

And that is what Tao Healing and Soulfulness bring:
the connection to the Tao and the love, light and nourishment (DE) of the Tao.
And that can help us to dissolve the blockages we face so that we can become whole and actually remember who we are at our core.

During one of the group sessions in February 2021, I received the message below through my spiritual channels:

“Remember who you are, a creation of the Divine, the Tao, the Source. You are light, you are love, you were created by the Divine, the Tao, the Source as my likeness…. I am you, you are me, deep within your heart and soul. Connect with that light, connect with that Source of Love and Light and that will help you to bring back the inner peace and calmness when you feel disturbed and out of balance. Connect deep within, preferably every day. Connect with the Light and let it strengthen you.

On this day I gave my love, my light to each of the participants. They all received a stronger connection to my core, my light, my love, to help them feel stable and calm in these times of chaos on Earth. The more they connect with this light and with me, the more I will be able to help them through it. They are all loved, protected and cared for. I am there for everyone, no distinction, no exception, I am there for every soul in an equal way. But it depends on how willing you are to open your heart to me, because that will determine how much of what I am willing to give to you can come in. Open your heart and soul more and my light can serve you more.”

Tao Healing helps to open you to the Tao and your greatest innate power. Are you ready?

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