Increase your self-healing ability

Everyone is born with a powerful self-healing ability.
You can activate this through meditation and doing self-healing exercises.

The healing sessions I am allowed to offer as a channel for the spiritual world, give you the help of the light beings. In this way you can work on your transformation in a very fast and focused way, with the help of their light and power.
But if you really want the maximum result, it is also necessary to do your own share in your healing process.

There is a powerful spiritual law: Tian Ren Ge Ban.
Which means: Heaven and Human Beings both do 50%.
So you have at least 50% of your own responsibility in your healing and transformation journey.

If you don’t want/can’t join the healing sessions, you can also work on your own transformation and focus 100% on strengthening your own self-healing capacity.

Below, I give you a few tips to do your own part in a very powerful way.

1) In my blog in the category: self-healing exercises, I regularly share powerful exercises to bring transformation into your life with the power of soul healing.

Zelf-heling Oefeningen ~πŸͺ·~ Self-healing Practices – Informatie van Hart en Ziel (

In addition, I myself regularly use the offerings of my teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, to bring more power and light to my self-healing exercises. I like to share with each of you, what helps me personally, so that you too can get the most powerful results during your meditations/self-healing exercises.

2) You can use Touch the Button. These are powerful 10-minute videos, spoken in English but optionally with or without subtitles in other languages. You can join the exercise given in this video. These videos bring you the healing power of sound, light and higher frequencies from the higher dimensions and thus enhance the power of your own exercise.

Registration for the video is necessary. This gives you 30 days access to the video to practice with, as often as you like. There are currently 35 different videos, each with its own topic. I will list them below so you can choose which one suits you best.

3) You can also choose to receive a powerful permanent Light transmission, which you can activate during your self-healing exercises. Anyone who has ever attended one of my webinars has been able to feel the power of these transmissions. I have many.
Each of you can also receive them and thereby strengthen and lift your own vibrational field with the light frequencies from the Tao.
These Tao Light Manifestation Treasures are extremely powerful but only effective if you actually work with them. Compare it to a ball of light in a lamp. You have to turn on the lamp for the light to shine. So it is with these transmissions. They are permanently in you, but you have to activate them to let them help you strengthen your self-healing capacity and help transform the blockages or lower frequencies, so you can let your light shine more strongly.
If you are familiar with this, you can choose the already 79 topics at the bottom of this page. If you are not familiar with these and would like to know what these transmissions can do for you, please contact me so I can explain it to you and together we can see what is most appropriate for your situation.
These registrations come with a 10-day practice video, to get familiar with activating the transmission. After that, the video stops, but the transmission remains in you permanently, so you can use it anytime!

As I said, self-healing is necessary. We have a responsibility to engage in our own healing process at all times.
The group sessions and the Tao Healing Sessions and Guan Yin Sessions can additionally strengthen and accelerate your process, but receiving the healing alone is not recommended. Self-healing exercises help you to hold the received light from the healing sessions and continue the transformation.
Using Touch the Button and the Permanent Light Transmissions help you to increase the power of your self-healing exercises.

The combination of self-healing exercises and receiving healing gives the best results. That is why I myself receive so many teachings and blessings and also do many self-healing exercises every day. This is the only way I can give the best result to myself and pass it on to each of you.
I always make use of the Tao Light Transmissions and also regularly of the Touch the Button videos.
That’s why I like to share them with you too, because I also wish you the best results and I don’t want you to be completely dependent on me as a channel.

4) Tao Light Transmission Healing Program
And then there is a final most powerful option, where you can receive the highest healing blessings from my teacher in combination with a 20-day programme where you actively work with your own self-healing process. This is really the most powerful I can tell you from my own experience. This is a very special programme which is very versatile and combines the power of Tao Healing and Self-healing exercises.
If you have a very serious condition then this is recommended.
For this I recommend you first watch a free information and demonstration webinar on Tuesday evening at 8 pm CEST/ 2 pm ET, to see if this suits you. You can register for this for free here.

Below is the list of the different options for the video’s and the permanent Light Transmissions:

Touch the Button – video’s

Below are the different topics. You can click on the different topics for more info.

And then there is the possibility of receiving a Tao Light Transmission, for any other part of the physical and emotional body not listed above and for relationships but that doesn’t come with a 10-day video. This one Is very powerful though and I can teach you how to activate it!

Tao Rainbow Light Ball

If you have any questions, you can of course also reach out to me. I will be happy to help.

I wish each of you the best of luck with your self-healing exercises.
The more light we can activate in ourselves, the more of the veils, blockages and memories we can release, the more we can go through life authentically, freely and powerfully.
And that’s what it’s all about


And in doing so, remember:


I have the power to heal myself.
You have the power to heal yourself.
Together, we have the power to heal the world.
~dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha~.


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