Guan Yin’s Compassion Healing

The mind of compassion knows,
No bitterness nor judgment,
No good nor bad, no true nor false;
Only the wish for all beings to be happy.

~ Guan Yin ~

This is another form of Tao Healing.
This healing is given from the Guan Yin Lineage. They are higher frequencies and more powerful healing sessions than the Tao Healing Sessions and thus often provide deeper transformation and greater results.
In China, it is common for Masters to include one or a few of their most dedicated students in their lineage. My teacher, Dr. and Master Sha, has made it possible for me to be included in the Guan Yin Lineage, allowing me to obtain a very strong and special connection with Guan Yin. Something I am very grateful for.

Who is Guan Yin?
Guan Yin is a shortened name of Guan Shi Yin, which means “she who can hear the cry and suffering of the world.” She is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy.

She has taken many vows to stop the suffering of the world and anyone who calls her name she will help. There are many special and heartwarming stories of the help many have received from Guan Yin.
Guan Yin learned the Mantra of Great Compassion, the Da Bei Zhou, from her spiritual father, Qian Guang Jing Wang. This mantra consists of 88 lines and each line is a name of a Buddha.
In Buddhism, the Da Bei Zhou is known as the mantra that can heal 84,000 diseases, symbolizing all diseases.
Chanting this mantra is particularly powerful because while chanting it, the Buddhas give their light and blessings and use their unique gifts to help. Blockages in health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and spiritual channels, among others, can be resolved.
Guan Yin made a vow to spread the Da Bei Zhou in all her lives and this so touched the heart of Qian Guang Jing Wang that he handed over to her 1,000 spiritual hands and 1,000 spiritual eyes. Each hand carries a spiritual instrument to remove blockages.

The great compassion of Guan Yin and the light of the 87 Buddhas, together with the power of the many spiritual instruments in the 1000 Hands, makes this healing special and powerful. It is ideally suited for strengthening your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity!

Let Guan Yin and the 87 Buddhas help you increase your well-being!

Tao Healing through the “1000 Hands and 1000 Eyes”.

Prices are a form of energy exchange and are tailored to the personal situation in consultation.
Please contact me for this. Prices start at 90 euro.

Experiences from people who have received the Guan Yin Compassion Healing:

💛 I really felt when Guan Yin’s energy was with me and also when she left again..very intense….
She comes into my thoughts and feelings with so much warmth, love, vibrancy..she gives me courage and confidence..and the certainty that she will stay with me and guide me….
Her energy greatly stimulates and inspires me…that is so special….
I also feel very strongly that she awakens the feminine energy in me….
Her energy is so beautiful!
I am so grateful to her, she gives me the love, courage and strength that I need so much right now….
Thank you so much for your contribution Barbara, it has been another very beautiful healing experience….

💛 What a special experience!
It even seemed like it started before the appointed time. The energy was so palpable.
During the session I received very clear messages and I saw how a dark sphere was removed from my heart. I also saw a dark thread being pulled out of my spine. It was a very special experience. 

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