The Soul

This website is mostly about soul healing, soul reading, soulfulness and living from your heart and soul. But what is a soul and what are the characteristics of a soul? Why is your soul so very important?

Many people describe the soul as the inner child, or as the Divine Spark, or as the essence of one’s life. In the teachings I have received, the soul is a golden light being, which you can perceive with your third eye (your spiritual eye), when it is open. The more scientific description of a soul is that it is a field, a vibrational field that contains information, both positive and negative information.

Your soul resides in your body and can move within your body. Some souls can even leave the body. Normally, however, your soul resides in one of the seven soul houses / chakras in the body. These are spaces that are all one above the other and connected to the central channel in the body, which runs from the perineum (between the genitals and the anus) all the way up to your crown.
Where your soul resides in your body is not your own free choice. It is determined in the Akashic Records and is related to your soul standing. It depends on the degree of purity of your heart and soul and the sum total of all the services you have rendered.

Let me give you some characteristics of the soul so you can better understand what a soul is and why the soul is so important in life. And more importantly, why you can use the power of the soul to heal or transform yourself or any aspect of your life, including your health, relationships, finances, business, intelligence and more.

⭐️ Your soul, your mind and your body are separate but also connected. They are independent and therefore they are separate, but they are also connected because they are all in the same body and communicate with each other.

⭐️ A soul has consciousness and intelligence. A soul learns and grows and also has its preferences, things it likes or dislikes.

⭐️ A soul has emotions. A soul can be very happy and peaceful, or it can be sad or angry.

⭐️ A soul carries within it an incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge. Your soul has learned many things in all past lives and your soul can remember experiences from past lives. That is why sometimes you feel very familiar and at home in a place you have never been in this life before.

⭐️ A soul can communicate with other souls. Souls can communicate with each other even before there is a physical encounter. Perhaps you have experienced that you just knew you needed to call someone because something was wrong.

⭐️ When you sleep, your soul can leave your body and travel to a place where he/she would like to be.

⭐️ A soul has a great healing ability. A soul can heal the mind and body. The soul is also able to prevent illness or help to rejuvenate you.

⭐️ A soul has many potentials that you could learn to develop. Just as your mind is capable of learning things, your soul is also capable of learning new wisdom and knowledge.

⭐️ A soul is able to connect with his/her heavenly team, which may include spiritual guides, teachers, angels, saints or deceased loved ones. These souls can help and protect you. They can help you heal and offer you protection in problematic situations.

⭐️ We all have a body soul, but also our organs, systems, cells and spaces in the body have souls. Your heart has a heart soul and knows exactly what to do. Your kidney has a kidney soul and also knows exactly what to do. A kidney soul cannot function as a heart soul and therefore cannot replace the heart soul. If you have a wide open third eye you could see the souls of the organs as little light beings in each organ. Or when an organ is diseased as a not so powerful radiating soul in the organ.

⭐️ There are two different groups of souls: Light Beings (souls who serve the light) and dark souls. The Light Beings are there to help and to bless you. The dark souls are there to teach you lessons or do harm.

⭐️ Souls are aware of the universal spiritual laws and they follow these laws. Even laws that the mind/spirit is not aware of at all. For example, there is a universal law of service and a universal law of yin and yang. There are countless souls on Mother Earth. Souls of humans, souls of animals, souls of other living organisms and also souls of inanimate things. Everything and everyone has a soul.

Each soul has its own frequency and vibration and many abilities.
Your soul has the power to heal, rejuvenate and transform life. The soul of an animal has the power to heal, rejuvenate and transform life. The soul of the sun, the moon, the ocean, a mountain has the power to heal, rejuvenate and transform life. The soul of a guardian angel, an ascended master, a saint, a Buddha has great power to heal, rejuvenate and transform life.

Not every soul has the same power to heal. The power of the soul depends on the spiritual development of a soul, the purity and the power given to that soul.

However, you can use soul wisdom, soul knowledge and practical techniques of the soul in your daily life and use the power of your own soul and call upon the power of other souls to help you. These techniques empower you to take charge of your own well-being and teach you how to connect with other souls who are waiting to be asked for help. They are ready to assist each of us.

Everyone needs food to nourish and provide the physical body with necessary nutrients. The soul also needs nourishment. If your soul is tired or weak, or if the souls of your organs are weak, nourishment is needed. Nourishment for the soul can be love, forgiveness, compassion, light, sincerity, healing, blessings and more. By nourishing the soul, you have the ability to transform all kinds of blockages and open any door in life. Click here for more information.

Anyone can apply the power of the soul to bring about transformation in that aspect of your life that you love to see come to fruition. The soul, the content of the information you carry within, determines what is manifested and attracted in your life.

Soulfulness teaches you how to use the power of the soul in a powerful and effective way to bring positive transformation to any aspect of your life where you would like to make that happen, by changing the content of the information you carry inside through Soul over Mind over Matter.
With Tao Healing you receive help from powerful light beings who use their soul power to help you.