Photoblog: about toadstools, mushrooms and a prince?


After many days with rain and a lot of wind, we had a beautiful warm. sunny, Autumn day. All I wanted to do was to go to the forrest and enjoy this day, but I had too much work to do, so I sat down behind my computer, as a good girl ;). The moment I thought it was time to start working, the constructionworkers on the roof of my appartmentbuilding apparently were thinking the same thing, because suddenly a very hard noise came from the roof. Not for 5 minutes, not for half an hour, NO they kept on doing what they were doing for many hours, making a lot of noise. After a few hours I was so done with all the noise, that I grabbed the opportunity, took my equipment and left the house to go to the forrest, with a grateful feeling for this unexpected gift. Red, Orange, Brown and Yellow leaves and colors was what I had in mind, so I took my tripod and my backpack and drove to the forrest, the stillness and the peace, for a beautiful time to connect with Mother Earth. Time for healing, fun and joy….. and silence 🙂


In the dark areas of the woods I wanted to use my tripod, but found out that 2 essential parts of it, were in my other photobag at home, so no tripod today. Stupid to forget it! So I had to change plans and literally connect with Mother Earth 🙂 On my knees between the leaves and in the mudd, looking for the tiny, beautiful creatures growing everywhere. In groups, or totally alone. Big and striking, or very tiny with a beauty which could only be seen if you were very close. Golden, purple, white or orange. So many different kinds of toadstools,  I really enjoyed playing with composition, light and subjects, while I shuffled through the woods and the dry branches and leaves crackled under my feet as I stepped on them.


Suddenly I found out I was not alone, because something else made the leaves crackle as well. The crackling noise came closer. Then I saw what was causing this noise. It came a little bit closer and then stayed there, voluntary posing as my model. Was he my prince from a fairytale?


We looked eachother deeply in the eyes, but unfortunately this beauty didn’t change into my prince 😉 . So I took some more photos from different angles and a close up.


And after a while it jumped away, between the trees, when I had finished my photoshoot. So I continued my walk in the forrest on my own…. There was plenty to see and to photograph and to have fun with.


After a few hours in the forrest, the sun was setting. Time to go home, where it was peaceful and quiet again too.