How can I help you?

Reading /Healing /Coaching Pure Light

Do you have the feeling after reading the information on this website: YES, this is for me! This is what I want to experience!
Then I can help you in different ways:

By doing readings, by giving healingsessions, (both individual healing sessions and group healingsessions) and/or by coaching and teaching the different self-healing exercises.

As a certified Soul Communicator, I have access to the Akashic Records in which all information is stored. Through my opened spiritual channels, I can receive messages from the Akashic Records.
I can also make contact with powerful light beings or other souls and relay their message.

As a certified Divine Soul Teacher and Healer and from my years of experience with being sick and with applying the soul healing techniques for myself, I can give you background information and teach you the practical techniques, how you can use the power of the soul to increase your health or improve your quality of life. You can then use these techniques yourself at any time and call upon this great power, thereby taking control of your own health or transforming other aspects of your life.

Because of my own process of healing, I speak from experience and not just from learned “book knowledge”.  Because of that experience I can provide you with targeted support and coaching and help you choose from the many different techniques, by finding the most effective exercise for you or answer your questions specifically by sharing my knowledge with you.
I can help you to understand and apply the techniques, so you can do this yourself at home. Doing the exercises at home gives you the opportunity to spend as much time with them as you like. You do not have to wait with taking the next step in your process until the next appointment at a later time.  You can take matters into your own hands whenever you want.
This gives you a feeling of independence. It also is a way to activate the self-healing capacity of the body (more).

As a certified Tao Hands Practitioner and a Guan Yin Lineage Holder, I can impart powerful Tao Healing sessions and Guan Yin Healing sessions.
During these healing sessions, I do not touch you. I only open myself as a channel so that you can receive what is appropriate for you at that time. However, I no longer meet with clients in my home, because I have found that it does not give the most optimal result that I am aiming for. For years I have been receiving teachings and healing through ZOOM and Livestream (because my teachers are abroad) and occasionally in person in a workshop when they are in the Netherlands or I am abroad. My own experience is that I myself receive the deepest healing results when I sit in my own chair in a familiar environment and can surrender completely, because I don’t have to travel or take care of those around me afterwards. I don’t have to be alert or energetic after the healing and the healing can take place much deeper, because afterwards I can sit quietly or sleep or let all my emotions go. From that experience, I decided to pass that same thing on to clients because I want them to have the best outcome. I don’t have to touch someone either, as mentioned, and so for that reason a phone contact or a contact through SKYPE or ZOOM is just as effective. I talk to you about your situation and what you would like, and then I align with my team in the soul world that supports me and works through me. I make myself available as a medium between you and them, but they do the work and they do that when you are sitting in front of me, they do it when you are sitting at home. For them, there is no distance or place situation. For many it may take some getting used to, but if you try it for yourself, you will experience what I mean and how tremendously powerful a remote healing session can be.

For those who prefer to receive the healing entirely in silence, there is another option. First we agree on what you want to receive the healing for and then at the appointed time you lie down and relax completely. Then you receive the healing completely in silence and without contact. I always type a report of what I receive or experience and send it to you by email afterwards.
This is currently the most chosen healing session and is experienced as very powerful by everyone.

The result of the healing sessions however is different for everyone and I cannot make any promises. It depends on what a person is allowed and able to receive. The healing is tailored to each person and you do not receive more than your body can and should receive. It is not the intention that you receive too much and that the body cannot process it.

You can compare the practical self-healing exercises and the healing sessions to the two wheels of a bicycle. You can ride on one wheel, but with two wheels it goes faster and easier. By doing the exercises yourself, you can increase the effect of the healings and hold the light. And by receiving healings in addition to doing the exercises, the results are accelerated. After all, self-healing takes time. Receiving the healings can speed up the process.

The information on this website and the information given during the calls is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, but is for informational and educational purposes. This information is not intended to replace consultation with a competent health care professional. The information is intended to be used as a supplement to a sensible and responsible health care program prescribed by a health care professional. I am not responsible in any way for any misuse of the information or for stopping treatment on my own initiative. I will never recommend discontinuing any existing treatment or medication.