Personal Consultation


Are you unsure how to move forward in your life and on your soul journey?
Are you facing challenges in health, relationships, finances or other things in life and looking for solutions?
Do you have children or parents going through challenges that you would like to help them with?

If so, I invite you to book a personal consultation. No matter where you are on your journey, you can experience transformation!
I consider it an honor to be able to stand beside someone and share my insights and be the link between the one reaching out and the soul world through my open spiritual channels. It is something I do with love.

During the personal consultation you can receive:

✨ Reading – messages from the soul world
✨ A spiritual healing for your specific request.
✨ Ancient spiritual wisdom that has helped many people already
✨ Practical techniques and more

A personal consultation provides a safe space for your transformation.

Personal Consultations are currently only given by phone or video conference ZOOM/SKYPE.

A consultation of 30 minuten, specifically meant to receive a crown chakra blessing 
uitwisseling: 45 euro

Een gesprek van 1 uur

A consultation of 1 hour 
exchange: 90 euro.

A 1,5 hour session
exchange: 125 Euros.

Telephone and ZOOM/Skype consultations are possible in agreement.

In love and light,



Some time ago I received a request from someone for a personal consultation because she wanted a healing for her sick father. 
However, when I read her request I was immediately told through my spiritual channels that I would not actually be able to assist her father in his healing process. This man was too sick, but I could help him in other ways. I was honest with the client and she appreciated that enormously. She also told me that she knew that her father was actually beyond recovery because the doctors had given up on him and he was already dying. She was going to see him soon but she still wanted to do something for him. 
After she arrived at her father’s house I spoke to her via Skype consultation and she told me that according to the doctors her father would normally pass within a short time (a few days max) after stopping treatment but that she felt her father was fighting and did not want to pass and he was still here after an unusually long time. She asked for a very special healing, namely a healing for a peaceful transition.
But I clearly felt that this was not in accordance with her father’s wishes and asked client for some time so I could tune in to see what kind of information I would receive through my spiritual channels about the reason he didn’t want to transition yet. I heard that he had one last wish, to bring the family together in harmony. That he was fighting to stay alive out of love for his children. 

I had no information about her father, her family or her background and asked her if there were more relatives on the way and if her father could be waiting for them. Yes, she said, since the death of my mother the contact has been very difficult but now more brothers/sisters are on the way. She was deeply moved by the wish of her father and together we came to the decision to ask for a healing to give strength to the last wish of her father, to connect the family in harmony.

She told me how difficult she found it to sit next to the bed because the medications kept her father asleep continuously but when I told her that she could just talk to him because he would hear, she took that to heart. Then I tuned in and offered a group healing to her father, herself and the other family members. It was such a beautiful thing to do and I saw with my spiritual eye (third eye) that the soul of her deceased mother also joined the healing.

After some time, I received an email from this client with a detailed story of what had happened after the healing. She had shared the message I received for her with her brothers and sisters who were also deeply touched by it. She had sat at her father’s bedside after the healing with an inner peace she had never felt before. Spoken to him as she held his hand, while he was still asleep due to the pain medication, but she felt the connection and felt that she could now let him go in peace. She had also connected with all her family members and while that was happening, their father opened his eyes for the last time to communicate with them, holding their hands and there was a connection that had not been there for a long time. Client felt such a huge difference in her relationship with her father and family before and after the blessing and was so deeply grateful for it.

And as I read her hearttouching email, tears stood in my eyes. Every message and every healing I am privileged to pass on is special. It is an honor to be a channel for the soul world. But some healings touch me more than others and sometimes so deeply that I can only be very grateful that I am allowed to do this. It was so special to be guided on how best to help this family and what the last wish of the father was. To be able to help with someone’s last wish and to be a part of something as important as a farewell is something that will stay with me for a long time, if not forever.

Healing is not just for illness or the removal of pain. It can help with every aspect of life, including someone’s transition or last wish.

It is only a matter of asking what the best way to help in a specific situation is and whether the soul world wants to give the appropriate help. Then it is up to them what may happen and up to me as a channel to facilitate that. A personal consultation is an excellent opportunity to determine together which form of help is most appropriate. 
In love and light, Barbara