Causes of illness and other challenges in life

Many people are dealing with health issues or other challenges in life at this time and finding it difficult to transform the situation.
In this posting on my blog, I discuss this in detail.

Below is a snippet from that blog, but I especially invite you to read the whole text.

“Soul Healing gives you multiple techniques to restore that balance and to dissipate energy where there is too much energy or to increase the energy where there is too little. Even when there is no proper diagnosis or an obvious cause for the issues, you can still apply these techniques!”

In many of his book Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches about the multiple reasons why sickness or challenges in life can occur, but they can all be divided in 5 groups. By understanding more of what causes the situation, it is easier to work on it.

Whatever you are dealing with right now, is the result or the consequence of something that happened earlier in time.
It is easy to understand this in nature, “the roots create the fruits”, meaning that there first is a seed which is planted in the soil, then there are roots and a plant start to grow, then the blossom comes and then finally the fruit is being created. Something similar is happening in case of a health-issue or other challenge in daily life.
Because of something in the past, the presence is created. You will not feel sick out of the blue, without any reason. There is always an event or a process taking place prior to the illness.

That process, like I have explained in other posts, can be divided in 5 levels: soul, heart, mind, energy and matter.

The roots, the planted seeds, can be found on the level of the soul. The soul carries many different potentials and possibilities that may come to fruition in this lifetime. This is where you start to create your life!
The soul defines, through your emotions and your consciousness, your thoughts and actions. And that is how the result is created. Your soul brings a message to your heart. Your heart processes the message and gives it to the mind. The mind directs the energy and where the energy goes, the body will follow. On every level, there is the possibility of a blockage which could lead to the manifestation of an illness.

Why do two different people react differently in the same situation. Why does one person get sick from a virus and the other does not. Why does one person improve with a certain treatment and another does not.
This is explainable if you look at the different blockages that exist on different levels and in different degrees.

If we want to change the overall result, then it is needed to make a change in any of these 5 levels.
Many people say a wholehearted YES to the question: ‘Do you want change?’ , but many have an issue with the question: ‘Do you want to change?’
However, if we keep on doing what we are doing, or if we keep on thinking in the same way, or if we have the same feelings over and over again, then the outcome will not likely be any different.
It is important to transform the main blockages, so everything can align and the overall result can be different.

If you don’t know what to change or why it matters or how to do it, then the motivation to actually make change is very difficult to muster. What remains then is to maintain and protect the current situation to prevent worse. And nobody wants that, we all want to get better.

But how? Soulfulness, Tao Healing and Reading can help with that.