Soul over Mind over Matter

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You have been able to read here why the soul is so important.
How can we use the soul to change our lives in a positive way and how does that work?

Everything and everyone in our world is a vibrational field of frequencies and vibrations. In that vibrational field is stored a lot of information, both positive and negative information. And it is the quality of the information and how that information is processed that determines what our lives look like.

When someone is healthy or in a good relationship, there is positive information where soul, heart, mind, energy and matter are harmoniously connected. In the case of illness or relationship issues, there is negative information and the harmony is disturbed. When this negative information is transformed into positive information and harmony is restored, health and relationship can be restored.

Through the spiritual eye, also called the third eye, negative information or a blockage in the processing of the information looks like darkness. Therefore, it can be said that if you transform darkness into light, illness is transformed into health and relationship problems are resolved.

That sounds simple right? But why are so many people suffering, or having a condition where treatment fails, if it is that simple? Because until now the importance of the soul and the spiritual heart are not or not sufficiently recognized, or they are not sufficiently involved in the health process.

Mainstream medicine focuses primarily on the material. Among other things, it uses medication and surgery to restore health.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses primarily on energy, the chi. Practitioners of TCM try to restore balance to the body’s energy through the meridians, acupuncture, herbs, massage and more.
There are many therapies, including psychotherapy, mindfulness, and more, that focus on mental health. They use Mind over Matter, which refers to using the willpower and positive thoughts to restore health.
All of these disciplines have been shown to be effective and produce results, but it is not always enough. For some diseases, there is still no proper treatment. One possible reason for this is, that the soul and the spiritual heart are not yet sufficiently involved in the process.

When I heard this, I had a deep realization that this might also be the reason for me why all the treatments I had tried to fix my chronic and life-threatening condition had been unsuccessful up to that point. The blockages I had could very well be somewhere else than what the treatments had been focusing on up until that point.

Disease occurs gradually. It is a process. A process whereby the negative information from soul, heart, mind and/or energy has been manifested in matter. This process can be reversed. You can do this by introducing and increasing positive information into your vibrational field, or by converting the negative information into positive information and then manifesting this positive information into matter.

How does that work?

The soul is a light being, a vibrating field, which can be explained by means of a mathematical formula of the wave function and by which it can be determined what kind of vibrations you have in you. The soul can be seen as the content of the information in the vibrational field.

The heart is the receiver of the information. The soul possesses all the information, which must be felt through the heart. The heart therefore receives the message of the soul. It catches the vibrations of the soul. In other words: The heart receives the message of the soul and thereby activates the mind.

The message of the soul, received by the heart, is transmitted to the mind. The mind is the processor, the executor of the information. The mind processes the information received from the heart and starts to work with it.

The mind then directs the energy. Where you focus on with your mind that is where the energy will go. Energy takes the information from one place to another. It brings the information from the soul to matter. You could say that the energy, is the activator/ transporter/ transmitter of the information.

Where the information arrives, matter goes to work with it by manifesting the received information in physical reality: Your body, your relationship, your finances etc. Matter can be seen as the transformer of information.

The process is thus as follows:

Soul ➡️ Heart ➡️ Mind ➡️ Energy ➡️ Matter

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Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy and Matter are all vibrational fields full of information. All have their own role with respect to the information. The information is continuously exchanged. And this information itself and the process can be influenced.
You can increase or decrease positive or negative information in you, bring it in or lose it, allow it to flow or block it.
If you want to achieve a certain result in the physical / material world, you will have to bring the positive information into your vibrational field for that or strengthen it, or remove or convert the negative information. In addition, there must be harmony in the alignment process or harmony needs to be created.

So the ultimate goal is to align all 5 layers in the vibrational field with each other to achieve your desired result.
Mind over Matter is not always enough to achieve the desired result. When we involve the soul and the heart in the creation process there is a better chance of success. This makes Soul over Mind over Matter more powerful.

There are many techniques to involve the soul in everything we do in daily life and to align soul, heart mind and body. There is a lot of information, wisdom and knowledge available regarding what can block us, why it can exist and how we can change it. This is what Soulfulness and Tao Healing is all about.

This is what has brought about the huge change in my own health and life and why I now do what I do. I really apply these techniques to everything I do in my daily life. It has helped me improve a health situation where no medical treatment had provided relief until then!

And the great thing is that anyone can learn and apply these simple yet profound techniques! If you want to know what it can do for your personal situation, please contact me. I am happy to help!

For the sake of clarity, I want to emphasize that these techniques are effective spiritual techniques. They are intended to be complementary and they will not replace medical treatment or diagnosis by a trained physician.