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Here are some testimonials I received from clients after they experienced Tao healing or a personal consultation.

🍀 Shortness of breath toddler

My 3-year-old son was suddenly very short of breath at night, something we had never experienced before and we were also shocked at how much it made him panic himself. He was almost inconsolable. He was barely getting any air so we had a phone consultation with the emergency room who recommended a certain dose of an inhaler and, if there was no improvement, a repeat. However, this dose of medication seemed to barely work, this was what was advised within mainstream health care and also used in the hospital as a method when children are stuffy (we were told by the medical care in the emergency room). After I urgently asked Barbara for help, she immediately took action and was able to give a blessing right away. We fortunately noticed that the situation was getting better and better. He slowly got more and more air and was no longer panicking which fortunately allowed him to go back to sleep. After this night he has not been so stuffy anymore. Many thanks to Barbara 🙏 and I wish it to other parents to follow their heart when they feel something is wrong with their baby.


🍀 COVID-19
One evening I started coughing. The next day I developed increasing muscle pain in my back between the shoulder blades, shoulders and neck. It overwhelmed me. I also felt very tired and kept coughing.
I thought it was abnormal that this happened to me so suddenly and searched the Internet for more information. That’s also how I came across information about the symptoms of COVID. At home I did a test and it turned out to be positive.
That is quite a shock. You wonder where you caught it and whether your partner could have been infected by you. Not a pleasant message.

I decided to email Barbara as I was feeling very insecure and panicky. Barbara tuned in to her guides and received the spiritual message, that I could first apply Tao Hands myself. If it didn’t help enough I could contact her again. My fever and muscle pains increased and the coughing also worsened. My tensions had increased and on a scale of 1-10 I scored a 9. The same with the fever.

I contacted her again the next day, because I knew that help could be given through the spiritual path to strengthen my body and make sure that I could overcome this virus.
Barbara, after tuning in, was allowed to offer me a very powerful healing, aimed among other things at strengthening immunity and in support with light and vibrations to be cleansed of the negative information associated with the virus.

This healing session lasted an hour….I let it wash over me and fell asleep (which I had not managed to do that day). In her report, Barbara indicated what had been allowed to happen, which was very intense. After this healing the symptoms were greatly reduced. My fever was gone and stayed away. My fears and tensions were greatly reduced. On a scale of 1-10 I scored a 4 on both points. My confidence had increased a lot.

It gives me a lot of support to know that through the spiritual way a lot can and may happen. I have experienced this many times in my life in major crisis situations.
After the healing my fever was gone and my temperature was normal. The coughing was also reduced and I felt more space in my chest, heart and lungs.

Even though recovery takes time and patience, it has since developed positively.
Barbara’s report and messages from the spiritual world also showed that a lot of negative information in the lungs and heart had been transformed and also a lot of anxiety and fear in me had been removed.
Barbara’s aftercare and frequent checking on how the situation was was very supportive and encouraging.
Somehow I have a lot of faith in it and also in the spiritual world, which is ready to help if you ask for it. I am very grateful to the spiritual world for helping me in this way, especially Kuan Yin and am grateful to Barbara for allowing me to pass this on and assisting me with a lot of commitment and guiding the process.

It is advisable when you are facing issues, illnesses, life questions etc. to ask for support from the spiritual world in addition to the regular way.Miracles still exist! 


🍀 COVID-19
At the end of March 2020 I got very sick with COVID-19, I contracted it at work (home care nursing). The fevers lasted 11 days and I was too sick to do anything, it was a very lonely road, partly because no one can and should get to you. I really thought that my normally healthy body would overcome this with time but on the ninth day of being seriously ill with Corona it still didn’t get any better.

I had fevers over 40 degrees and had fallen and been unconscious the day before, lying on the floor. I was quite weakened. The doctor’s office I had on speed dial and after I fell they came.

I then emailed Barbara to do a healing session. This was fortunately possible the same day. After this session I actually started to recover. Still had a fever that night, and the day after too, but it was already a lot better, nothing compared to what it was. It just got better every day after that, but I knew I still had a long way to go. In retrospect, I did regret not raising the alarm with Barbara sooner.

I was doing better, but my energy level was still low. I slept a lot, but was able to ride my bike for short distances again. Things were going in the right direction and I wanted to recover on my own.
Two weeks later, however, my stamina and energy were still not too good. I know that after COVID-19 this can be a problem. Other than that, I was symptom free.

I had a second healing session with Barbara. During my second session I felt that my breathing became calmer and deeper. And emotions were released. I had to think back to when I was very sick. It didn’t have to live anymore, I was at peace with dying. Very strange because I am never depressed or down, those memories came back and a lot of these emotions were released. It was clear to me that healing was taking place. I also felt mentally “clearer” afterwards.

Since this second session I have an overall feeling that I am moving forward again. Things are getting better.

In a few weeks I will do another follow-up healing session. I know the medical world can only do so much. And then there is the spiritual world which can often do more.

Orpha B.

🍀 Liberation from the chains
I find myself struggling to put words to my experiences of the past week/weeks.

I feel like I am in a sea of calm.

I feel lifted by a tremendously supportive love energy. I am relaxing more and more, I am sleeping better and better, I feel occasional chunks of stagnant energy melting, as if an internal harness is slowly dissolving. As a result, I refuel better and my chronic pain recovers better.

Time has slowed down, I have slowed down, my thoughts are no longer racing, I can therefore quietly look around me at what is going on. I “look” around me in wonder and see a kind of heaving mass of infinite points of light in an inky black field.

Well surely those are powerful images that appear to my mind’s eye, aren’t they?

They allow me to feel myself in peace again, and from that peace the life energy bubbles up, and the sense of life….
I feel liberated, I feel optimistic, I feel a softening, I feel a mildness, I feel a joie de vivre, I feel a fountain of joy bubbling up within me regularly 😊
It feels real and finally like a release from the shackles….

In short wow what a powerful mighty loving supportive energy field I feel around me


Many thanks and much love

🍀 Self-love
The past healing was a very special and emotional experience.

I sought help because of the pain I have been carrying all my life, because of painful memories from my childhood and the unavailability of love, full attention, security and support in my growth into adulthood. I failed to learn to love myself.

During the healing session I received so much power, love, Light and warmth from the souls of deceased family members, I did not expect that!

I asked my youngest sister for help but she passed me on to my father. It surprised me because the bond between me and my father has been far from ideal. I recognized him, although at first the image did not come through clearly. This was followed by two brothers. They radiated blue light. I became very emotional as they placed their hands over me. My hand on my heart chakra felt very heavy and very warm. A beam of bright blue light, filled my heart chakra. So intense and so incredible warmth and love entered me. Tears filled my eyes and I let them flow. It felt so liberating, liberation from the persistent blockages within me.

The most beautiful gift came next. Two big white hands appeared. They were my father’s hands, because his face appeared with them and was illuminated. He was radiant with love. From his hands a river of blue clear light flowed directly into my heart chakra. My tears rolled down my cheeks again, so intense was this reception!

Afterwards, we all sang the song, “I Love My Heart and Soul.” I lay on the bed and they formed a ring of pure love and harmony above me with each other. I did not perceive my mother, but I felt her.

This healing overwhelmed me Barbara! I didn’t expect such a quick reaction. In any case, it felt great. Once back downstairs, I shed my tears of intense joy on my wife’s shoulder. I am so grateful! To you as well! Thank you for showing me the way.

I saw more and many moving light beings emitting pure white light. They appeared in the form of triangles with a round circle on top. They stayed with me longer. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

🍀 Heart and blood vessels
My request for the healingsession was: to receive a blessing for my heart and blood vessels, especially those in my head, where I felt the heart pulse in my head, even in my vision. (Eyes) Especially on the side of my left temple.
It was an unpleasant experience. I have cerebral hemorrhages in my family on my father’s side. Health is the basis for moving successfully in society. That is currently my top priority.

Before the healing blessing session started, I prepared myself by attuning to the spiritual world through meditation.

Immediately after starting, I noticed that I could descend much further into myself. I had the feeling that all the movements in my body in all parts really calmed down, or my blood began to flow slower and my heart beat less fiercely. I found myself in complete silence, without sound, without words, wishes and desires. Everything was good, harmonious and beautiful.

The Light I perceived was powerful golden Light with points of light like stars, descending from Heaven onto my seated stature, slowly from my head down to my feet. The Light penetrated everything and disappeared into the earth. It was a continuous stream of Light.

Someone came and stood behind me: a being, filled and surrounded with Light, who placed his hands on my shoulders ( one of my companions), adding even more Light, causing my body to pulsate and tingle very pleasantly. I became quite warm.

This went on for an indeterminate amount of time, during which movements in my heart chakra and in my head also became perceptible. Very pleasant. I got a happy feeling. (This is how a battery should feel on the charger, I thought in a happy flash).
It was a wonderful experience, which could have gone on for hours from me.

I received the following insight:
During this time of Corona, my heart rhythm disorder, which was found to be hereditary after research in my 11th year of life, returned, although it actually hardly occurred anymore.

The heart is linked to the emotions. My emotions are constantly stimulated by all the suffering around me, coming at me from all sides. Live, directly in my environment, in my family, , circle of friends, but also strongly through the media.
My heart reacts to this with irregularities, which affect my daily life and my sleep.

It was a very beautiful and powerful blessing. There will be many more as far as I am concerned.

Thank you Barbara Kuipers, you bring more Light for me in this Earthly dark period!

🍀 ME/CFS and Trauma

I have ME/CFS. Unfortunately, there is not effective treatment in modern medicine. In this disease it is only possible to control the symptoms to a limited extent. That’s why I started looking for additional treatment in alternative medicine, which hopefully can bring me more. I met Barbara in one of the online fellow-sufferers groups and it touched me what she wrote. In my mind I had and still have all kind of ideas about the spiritual approach and ideas, but my gut feeling  mostly  said ‘yes’ and that was the most important thing for me. I contacted her and she recommended to start with trauma healing. I had a traumatic childhood and so I was familiar with psychotherapy and trauma treatment, only I couldn’t continue those treatments when I got sicker as it was asking too much of me. Those treatments did transform some of the trauma, but I was physically deteriorating because it was asking too much of me. I was very sorry about that and it made me feel sad because I felt that there were still parts of the trauma that needed healing and besides that, I like to focus on self-development. The idea that that no longer was possible was hurting me.

Since I couldn’t cope with previous intensive treatments, I initially hesitated very much to start with soul healing because Barbara could say that I wouldn’t get more than I could handle, my experience was that many therapists said similar things in the past and it turned out that they were wrong. Luckily this time with soul healing this wasn’t the case. For the rest, that doesn’t mean it is easy: after every healing session there are a lot of emotions and changes to deal with and that takes quite a bit, also in terms of energy. However, when the healing sessions are integrated, I can clearly feel that something has shifted and parts of the trauma have been healed.

My acupuncturist can see that the healing sessions have a positive effect on me, because after a healing session I can suddenly make a leap forward. After he initially had some doubts because it takes a lot of energy, the other day he said: ‘go ahead with it’.
My body-focused therapist is enthusiastic as well: I know him from the time before I got very ill and our therapeutic process was partially stopped by my illness. The fact that there is a way for me now to heal deeper layers, helps to deepen the body-focused therapy as well.
Through the combination of treatments I feel my body is getting stronger little by little: my PEM’s are less intensive, I recover faster and can do a bit more than before. Now I have to wait until my foundation is strong enough and I can start building up energy reserves again. 

Even though I am still quite ill and the healings are asking a lot of me, it gives me a sense of purpose in life. I am working on self-healing and self-development again. It is possible! What I also like very much is that I am not dependent on the healing sessions only. There are practices I can do myself, which help me progress and heal further. I have read Barbara’s blog and some books written by Master Sha which contain many practices. Barbara thought along with me which practices I should start with and that is a recommendation. I do these practices regularly, but I still have to adjust these practices, because as known with a disease like ME, the body is quickly overloaded. The good thing is,  my body slowly starts to get used to these practices and I get more balanced so I can do them more often.

Soul healing has expanded my view on life and the world: the idea that there is still a whole world I can’t see has always had my interest but I could never really do anything with it. I have a scientific background and of course that is not so easy to combine with the spiritual view on life. Through the healing sessions and by reading Barbara’s blog and Master Sha’s books, this spiritual world has become more tangible to me. Even though I can’t get along with all of the concepts, that is okay for me. The essence feels right and that’s what matters to me. It gives a deeper meaning to my life. It touches my heart and makes me happier. It brings hope and light in a situation which isn’t so easy to deal with. And that means a lot to me.


🍀 Brain attack

“I would like to share my experiences on this website with spiritual counseling.

In December 2019, my wife suffered a brain attack in the morning and was rushed to the hospital. In the emergency room, she received a scan, all kinds of tests and medication. Some effects of the infarction were immediately apparent, such as on speech, coordination and motor skills. Other effects would reveal themselves later. The following day she was allowed to go home. There was always hope that the damage from the infarct could recover. The first week went reasonably well, then it went downhill…. the energy decreased greatly, dizziness increased as well as heart problems. Several times we rushed to the hospital…. until we thought to ourselves that the deterioration could well be a result of the medication she had been given. To some medications my wife is allergic.
In consultation with the medics, the medication in question was stopped. My wife was doing badly….

At that time I consulted with Barbara to see what was indicated through the spiritual path. She indicated, that the souls in the soul world were happy to help my wife. Also that a brain infarct can be a result of blockages that have arisen in the past and that it was important to resolve them on a soul level.
My wife at one point was open to a healing through Barbara….she could only get out of bed for a short time and had to be supported with walking…..

In the first healing through Barbara something special happened……my wife felt a reversal in her heart area…..more space was created and the light could flow through again. From that moment on there was also a reversal in her recovery…. body, mind and spirit were helped to detoxify from the improperly working medicines…..the energy slowly returned.

We received the necessary support from the various forms of therapy at the hospital and we learned how to cope with the effects of the cerebral infarction.

The daily emails with Barbara about the state of affairs worked very supportive and inspiring. Each time we agreed on what was needed and when the next healing would be appropriate.
So far, we have had 4 healings in which the energy was strengthened in a powerful way and blockages in the energy were removed. It is extraordinary how this is allowed to happen and each time we are also touched by the messages Barbara receives from the Light Beings indicating what was allowed to happen.

Since the first healing, things have changed greatly…. and healing and recovery have improved. It was painful for me as a partner to see the effects of the brain infarction, the fatigue it gives, the loss of the art of multitasking, which women often master, the problems with coordination etc….

So we are grateful that the two paths we are on, that of regular care and that of the spiritual path are working so strongly….I see the recovery coming back every day with joy.

The healings worked powerfully and the experiences during the healings were also strong. My wife felt immediate reactions in her body and energy, pain decreased, the heart got more space and the energy could flow better.
Besides the healings, she also did a lot with the energy exercises and forgiveness exercise offered, which are described on Barbara’s website, because my wife believes that you have to have the willingness to change and turn things around yourself. Making your own daily contact with your body and with your heart and releasing love for it is an important step that comes with the process.

We are confident the recovery will continue….. we wanted to share this with everyone.”

update: she recovered fully!

🍀 Connection / heart chakra
I didn’t expect so much from the healingsession actually. I had faith in it, but didn’t think it would have so much effect after one time. I feel incredibly good now, finally feel connected again with the world around me and with myself.

Also no more trouble with my breathing. The energy in my chest area can finally flow again. It was completely stuck there before.
Unbelievable what you managed to do after one hour.
Wow those texts you send me… I’m a little perplexed by them. What an energy goes through me when I read that.



(note: “those texts” refers to the messages I receive through my spiritual channels during a healing session. I always email them to my clients afterwards. Barbara)

🍀 Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

“Since I became ill I have spent lots of money on doctors, treatments, therapies, medication and supplements. None of it brought me permanent healing. Not even a little bit of improvement in my body.
After 10 years of trying to continue on this path I was drawn more and more to the spiritual way of healing. However, there are many kinds of different methods here too. I realized very quickly that you can spend a lot of money here too without getting real help, because years of being bedridden is not solved in only a few healings. But at that time I thought it was possible though 🙂

I was very fortunate that out of the blue a beautiful woman crossed my path who offered me healings and real help and YES, I felt my first improvement. I could sit up for a few hours and every now and then I was even able to do something outside. That was so great to experience and I am forever grateful to her, but… something was missing. My soul was not included in the whole story and treatment. I could do more, but I still lacked that feeling of joy and happiness.

Then Barbara crossed my path. I was very curious to her spiritual healings. Every blessing I receive through her is special. Sometimes I feel all kind of sensations in my body and the other time I feel very little, but then I receive a beautiful message which helps me move forward. Besides lots of coaching, I also received the guidance to read  Master Sha’s books. To be very honest, I didn’t really felt like doing that. But eventually I bought a book. It was filled with practices and I really didn’t want to do them. I thought that would be a waste of my time, isn’t it?
I am grateful that I was born as a person who likes to do things, so very quickly I thought, well, let’s start doing it and then I will feel what it will do for me. Many practices are based on chanting mantra’s. Very quickly I started to notice how powerful these practices are. When I experienced fear and I started to do the practice for this emotion, it melted away. And I have beautiful experiences like that almost every day I spent time practicing. My resistance is totally gone, because it really works! I finally have found something that really helps. Something that makes my soul so extremely happy. Something that gives me a goal in my life again.

Last month I was facing a huge challenge, because my family and I planned to go on a holiday to Italy. This is something huge for me as I spend my days on the sofa for years, so travelling isn’t easy for me. But due to the practices I was able to stay calm. During the holiday Barbara supported me remotely with blessings to boost my energy, so I could recover pretty easily from driving that long distance in the car. And in this way, we were able to have a really nice holiday together as a family, for the first time.

I have no idea yet what soul healing will bring me in the future, but for now I see it as a treatment and approach to healing that is truly worth my money. Because it works! I feel joy again. And I haven’t felt that for many decades.

PS. The last blessing was even more powerful than before. I almost beamed out of bed 🙂 


🍀 Mother-Daughter Relationship

I want to share my experience after having had two Tao Healing sessions with Barbara, before I went on vacation to Canada to see my children and grandchildren againI lived in Canada for 28 years and returned to the Netherlands 9 years ago.  My 3 children stayed in Canada. With my middle daughter I have always had a very difficult relationship. As a child she was not easy and as my daughter got older, the relationship became even more difficult. It seemed that she was always angry with me and sometimes this came out of nowhere.I started reading the book of Soul Healing Miracles and through my niece came in contact with Barbara. I explained the situation to Barbara and before I went to Canada I did 2 soul healing sessions with my daughter in Canada and I here in the Netherlands. I was very curious how this trip was going to turn out, I was not really looking forward to it.I was happy to see my daughter and she stayed with me in my Airbnb for 4 days. Didn’t have a single angry and ugly prolonged outburst, except for 2 very brief disagreements, but nothing compared to before.Well, my daughter also owed me a fair amount of money for 12 years. I was back in Holland for 2 days, then 1 part of the amount was refunded and the 2nd amount 2 weeks later.I am very grateful to Barbara for the healing sessions.Love and Light

🍀 Backpain

When I was on a holiday in the Czech Republic, I woke up one day and I had an awful pain in my back. I suffer from a  doubleherniated disc for over 25 years so I am used to having backpain, however, the pain that day was huge. Normally I don’t use any painmedication, because I don’t really like to take pills, but I had to use them that day, because the pain was unbearable and I couldn’t move in a normal way. But even after the use of the strongest painkillers, the pain didn’t decrease. At that moment I decided to phone Barbara to ask for help and she said she would offer me remote healingblessings. She told me the distance between her and me wouldn’t affect the power of the healingblessings. Later I heard she had offered me one healingblessing in the afternoon and one in the evening. When I woke up the next morning, the unbearable pain was gone. I called her back to tell her that I could move in a normal way again and that I didn’t had to take the painmedication anymore. I have to be honest that I was surprised, because I doubted if the healings would be effective, but because I was in so much pain I just gave it a try. Now I am convinced about the power of remote healingblessings. I know for sure that the pain would not have dissipated so fast and effectively, if I didn’t had received the healingblessings. I am very grateful for the help I received.

🍀 Migraine 

I would like to share my experiences with the remote healingblessing I received for the migraine I had. One evening I felt a migraine starting and I was just about to take medications and go to bed early. That was the moment Barbara called, and I told her what was going on. She asked me to wait for a little while with the medications and to just sit quietly and then she would offer me a remote healingblessing. That is what I did. After some time I realized the headache was totally gone. I didn’t had any symptoms anymore and I slept very well that night. The next day the migraine was still gone and it didn’t come back. I didn’t had to use any medications. I didn’t expect the result of the healingblessing would be felt so quickly, but I am very happy I felt better almost instantly.   

🍀 Financial abundance

Thank you for the healing session for finances. I didn’t feel much during the session, but I know a lot is happening anyway. I was very happy afterwards that I had participated. In the 4 days after the healing session, a lot has happened. A new client came my way and also an old client who had Corona and did not recover. I now get to guide and support him to the end of life. To me this is an enormous blessing and privelege. Loving is also letting go. In addition to my job in health care, I already worked with a friend occasionally for her business and now that I am retired, I do a lot of work and have become her right hand. This little business has also started to grow more and more since this week. I also keep telling her “if you are successful then I will be successful”. There was also an unexpectedly large sum added to my last salary this week. So in every way I feel the abundance. I am in a very positive flow. Yes I am retired, but you don’t get the health care out of me. It is who I am. So much great work coming my way. Super happy of course.

🍀 Sick child

Dear Barbara, thank you so much for helping my son Jakob. 
It was one evening, when he woke up again and felt totally sick. He threw up two times and looked and felt very very sick. As an osteopath I put my hands on his abdomen to feel the tension is his organs, and there was a lot of tension in his stomach. I was connected with you on skype that evening and you were so nice to offer him a Soul Healing Blessing. When you started with the blessing I saw white light all around him and entering his stomach. I could see darkness being removed from his stomach. Then he threw up a third time, which brought great release and after that he fell asleep again, very peacefully. He looked so much better. When I felt for the tension in his stomach it was totally gone.
It was very interesting when you shared the images you saw during the blessing that were very similar to what I could witness. I am so grateful that you could help Jakob that night, and I am very grateful for the possibility of Soul healing Blessings. Isn’t it beautiful that someone can sit in her living-room in the Netherlands and help a little sick boy in Austria? 
On that evening I could see again that for Divine Soul Healing there is no distance, because we are all connected!
So thank you again, and I hope that you can help many other kids or adults or even pets!
Love you,
Barbara S., Graz, Austria

🍀 Anxiety disorder

At the beginning of the healing session I had asked the arch angels and all souls to help me open my heart chakra. I also apologized to all souls I have hurt or harmed in this life and previous lives and asked for forgiveness. During the healing session I saw my first chakra open up and lots of dark energy flowed out of it through my feet towards the earth. What happened next was so immense. I felt an incredible heat flowing from my heart chakra througout my body. I was so hot! I told myself: “Stay calm, this is the universal light you are allowed to receive”. It was quite intense but I am so grateful for this healing session. I truly feel a difference and a few hours after the healing session I got inspired again to continue writing my book. Thank you to your heaven’s team that offered the healing blessing through you.