Guan Yin Lineage Level 1 and Level 2

I like to go a little deeper into the beautiful and powerful qualties of Guan Yin and her Lineage, Level 1 and Level 2 ๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒธใŠ—๏ธ

I have shared several times how much Guan Yin and her lineage mean to me, my soul, my soul journey.

I truly would not be who I am today without that powerful connection to them.
Readings I have received have revealed that she is even one of my most important ancestors, so you can imagine that this connection has existed for many, many lifetimes.
Guan Yin and many wonderful light beings who serve on her team have supported me daily to regain my health.

Guan Yin told me years ago, I think it was in 2011 or 2012 that I needed to memorize the Da Bei Zhou as soon as possible so that I could invoke its power at any time when my body needed support. I did that and was soon allowed to become a Guan Yin Lineage holder, but its power is so great that my body could not handle it at that time.

In 2015, my body was sufficiently strengthened and I had the honor of becoming a Guan Yin Lineage Holder, which brought an even stronger connection. I was then also empowered to pass on her blessings to others.

This has led to many moving moments over the years.


As you can read on this website, I work with light and frequencies.

There are an infinite number of different light frequencies.
The higher the light power, the more virtue and transformation is brought.

And virtue is what we need, to have a healthy and successful life in all its facets. The more virtue we can create or receive, the better it is for our soul. But normally it takes time and effort to gather that virtue. And in daily life, we can lose it in no time at all….

The Guan Yin blessings bring the light and virtue of the Buddhas and that is why so much is allowed to happen through these blessings.

We all live here on Mother Earth in the 3rd dimension.
The ascended masters, the buddhas and bodhisattvas, live in higher dimensions.
That is 1 way of looking at it.

I also like to explain it in another way.
A way that I have heard in the teachings of my teacher, dr. and Master Sha for many years and that I myself have benefited greatly from.

Mother Earth is seen as a dark planet where the frequency is low. There is little light and many people live mainly from their mind, there are many negative emotions, wars, catastrophes etc and most people unfortunately are not yet very focused on living from their heart and soul.

Most people have a soul energy of about 1. That means there is a lot of negative information and little virtue in the soul.

It takes many many many many lives to purify yourself to such an extent, to increase your frequency, to increase your amount of virtue, to increase that soul energy by one point.

The buddhas and bodhisattvas took thousands/millions of lives to do that. They carry a lot of virtue within them, a lot of luminous power, a lot of positive information . That’s what makes them so powerful. Their soul power, their soul energy is high and with that they can do things that normal people like you and me cannot do.

It is an honor for me to be a channel for their power, but of course I do not do myself what they do…. I just pass it on.
What I myself do for it is work on myself to be as pure as possible to be able to pass this on. And I work hard to open my spiritual channels as far as possible to pass it on, but the healing power rests entirely with them.ย 

With the Tao Healing sessions, a soul energy of 3 to 6 often comes through.
This already helps most people very much because it is so much higher than the soul energy of 1 that most people have.

However, connected to the Guan Yin Lineage are many buddhas and bodhisattvas with very high soul energy.
October 15, 2015, I had the honor of becoming a lineage holder. This authority gave me the ability to pass on Level 1 energy, which means that the light and virtue of soul energy 7-8 can pass through me during Guan Yin healing sessions.
With this, about 60-70% of the conditions that people on earth struggle with can be helped. The other conditions need higher light power and more virtue.

On May 1, 2023 during the Guan Yin Workshop with dr. and Master Sha, I had the honor of becoming a Level 2 Lineage holder.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ™
With this, my channels were further opened and I can now pass on greater power. This power is equal to soul energy 11-12 and brings much more light and more virtue and thus more transformation.
With this, about 80% of people can be helped.

The other disorders require an even higher power of light. And that cannot pass through me at this time. My body is not strong enough for that. That requires even more purity, even more opening of my channels.

Master Sha can transmit that, his body can handle that. And that is why I myself need so many of his blessings, because my condition needs much more than soul energy 12 to heal.
However, through the Guan Yin Lineage, I can support my self-healing practices daily with tremendous power which allows me to have a great share in my own recovery process. Occasionally receiving the blessings of Master Sha helps me further, but I still have a great share to bring myself and take responsibility for my own soul and my life.

Through the many blessings I have been privileged to receive, through the years of intensive training and through the many hours of self-healing, my body opens up further and further to be able and allowed to pass on more.

Because all disorders begin at the soul level before they manifest in the physical body, and because many disorders require much more light than most people on earth can transmit, many disorders are very difficult to heal.
Doctors, for example, focus mainly on the physical body, but not on the source at the soul level.

The Guan Yin Lineage does focus on the root cause and can bring a lot of light. With that they focus on the source, on the cause, and from there the body can then recover.

I have been working with Level 1 for many years and have experienced wonderful results with many.
But Level 2 is really of a different order :). I still see every day that I chant with it (many hours a day) how my body continues to transform. I look forward to what it all may bring in the future and I hope that I may be a beautiful and powerful channel for the Lineage so that they can support many people who ask for the help of Guan Yin through me.

Each of these powerful buddhas and bodhisattvas made a vow to help alleviate suffering in the world.

For all those souls who were allowed to receive their help, I know that these blessings brought them a great transformation and healing, but I also realize that it is apparently much needed. And realizing the magnitude of suffering always makes me a little sad!

At the same time, it motivates me to bring attention to the power of the Guan Yin Lineage so that more people can be helped.
I know from my own experience what they have been able to do for me…. And I have been demonstrated many times that they can help in many, many waysย ๐Ÿ’—

Most people have soul energy 1 as I wrote earlier. The body is used to soul energy 1. The difference with soul energy 12 what these buddhas can bring is huge!
Just imagine what difference that much light can make in your soul, your body, your life!

But keep in mind that the body has to integrate it.
You may feel tired or have a heavy body afterwards, it is part of the process.
It is in fact a sign that deep healing is taking place and that the body is very busy with it.

What helps me then is to chant the Da Bei Zhou and to connect with the Guan Yin Lineage.

Connect with Guan Yin

Each of you can connect with Guan Yin and the Lineage by opening your heart, expressing gratitude and listening to the Da Bei Zhou Mantra. That is how I also started!

It is such a powerful mantra. Chanting it brings deep healing.

If you would like to know more about Guan Yin and the Da Bei Zhou, please refer to my blog:



If you would like to listen to the Da Bei Zhou you can:

SLOW version

FAST version

Listening to the mantras can help you prepare to receive these powerful blessings or help you integrate after receiving a healing session, so I recommend doing that!

Would you like to experience these powerful blessings?
Then please make an appointment with me and I will be honored to be a channel for you to receive these powerful blessings Guan Yin and the Lineage are able to offer to you.

๐Ÿ’— Barbara