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Friday evening September 8, 15, 22, 29, 2023 starting 7.30 pm CEST.

Better flow of the energy circle / yin yang balance 🔄

For more information see below. 

Future themes:

* Strengthen your immune system
*Keep your heart open in challenging times
*Reduce stress

I personally believe everyone could benefit from soul healing. Because not everyone has the opportunity to receive individual support, and because I like to give everyone a chance to receive soul healing, I will regularly offer group healing sessions with a changing theme at a reduced honor fee.
You will receive spiritual healing on specified days and at a specified time, for an average of 30-45 minutes at a time, as a group.   At that time you can lie down or sit down and open yourself to receive. The group sessions are given remotely and in silence. Most people feel the beginning and end of the healing very well, so you can rest assured that I am really offering these sessions and if there is an emergency situation that prevents me from giving them at the agreed time, you will be notified.  

By opening completely in silence you have the opportunity to experience for yourself what the healing session does to you, to see images, to receive messages/insights without being distracted by others.
During the healing session I receive images and channeled messages which I type simultaneously and make a report of, which the participants receive by email the next day.

Many participants who are familiar with this method look forward to these reports in order to complement their own experiences with mine and receive the messages from the spiritual world.

The benefits of a group session is that several people receive the healing at the same time, which creates a powerful field and you receive the blessing at a reduced honorfee.
Because it is a group session not everyone gets the personal attention and personal feedback. If that is your preference, then a personal session is most suitable.

The theme of the next group session is:

Better flow of the energy circle. 🔄

Although material purchases can create a feeling of happiness, this form of feeling good is often temporary. 

A lasting sense of happiness is achieved when there is strengthening of our inner Light and inner Yin Yang Balance. 

There is a universal law of Yin and Yang: 

When Yin and Yang are balanced in our soul. heart, mind and body, there is health and success in every aspect of life.  

When Yin and Yang are out of balance, all kinds of emotional, mental, physical issues or other challenges can arise.

By rebalancing Yin and Yang within ourselves, we can heal any condition.   

It is the guiding principle in self-healing, and there are powerful self-healing exercises to help you restore that balance between yin and yang.

One way is to get the energy circle flowing better.

Traditional Chinese medicine works with meridians. These are important energy pathways in our body. Among other things, TCM works with 12 major meridians. Each major organ in the body is connected to one of these meridians.

The Ren Meridian runs up the front of the body. The Du Meridian runs down the back of the body. These 2 together form an important energy circle used for Yin Yang Balance. It is the outer Yin Yang Circle.

However, there are also important chakras in the body. These are located in the center of our body. 

The first chakra is located near the perineum. The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen. The third chakra is located at the level of the navel. The fourth chakra is located behind the sternum. The fifth chakra is located in the throat. The sixth chakra is located in the head. The seventh chakra is located at the crown.

And then there is the Wai Jiao, a large space at the back of the body that goes down from the top of the head to the tailbone, just before the spine.

The main energy circle for the whole body runs from the first chakra, up through the other chakras to the crown and goes down through the Wai Jiao at the back of the body back to the first chakra.

This energy circle is the inner Yin- Yang Circle. This inner Yin Yang Circle directs the outer Yin Yang Circle.

To give you an idea of how important these energy circles are I will share some more information.

Every illness is caused by blockages in soul, heart, mind and body.

Blockages on the soul are formed by negative karma or negative memories.

Blockages in the heart are formed by impurities like selfishness, greed, condemnation, a desire for fame or wealth, anger, a lack of wisdom how to act correctly, choose the right words, empower the right thoughts, lack of self-love etc.

Blockages in the mind are blockages in consciousness, including negative thoughts, negative attitudes, negative

beliefs, ego, attachments and more.

Blockages in the body are blockages in energy and matter.

Blockages in soul, heart, mind and body will appear as blockages in this circle.

In fact, all organs and emotions or aspects of life are connected to 1 of the chakras. 

A few examples:

Relationship problems manifest as a blockage in the first or fourth chakra. Financial problems manifest as blockages in the second chakra. Blockages in the spiritual channels are connected to the fourth and sixth chakras. 

Thyroid problems manifest in the fifth chakra. Liver problems in the third chakra. 

To be completely balanced, to be comfortable in your skin, and to have every aspect of life be problem-free, will require 

the free flow of energy in these circles. The blockages in soul, mind and body must be transformed. And the more blockages we can remove, the better these energy circles will flow, the more light we carry within ourselves. Our soul will then grow and carry more light and the further our soul grows the more he/she will ascend the path that runs up through these chakras. That is the path to enlightenment!

I guess you will understand, that this is not something that is done “momentarily.” This is a very long-term process of purification and inner growth, which requires time and discipline. 

However, it is also possible to support and accelerate this process through healing. 

Would you like to have a better flow of energy through your energy circle? Then sign up. ✅

You can sign up for an each session seperately or for a package (See below). 

💛 How does it work?

In Tao Healing we assume that a human being consists of 5 bodies, each with its own density. You have your spiritual body (soul), emotional body (heart), mental body (mind/spirit), energetic body (energy) and physical body (matter). If they are all aligned, then everything in life goes smooth and easy. But there can be disturbances or blockages in each of these bodies and these disturbances can be felt by yourself and others and can affect your health, relationships, finances and work, and more.  Healing also works to prevent the occurrence of blockages.

Doctors mainly work with matter.

Reiki, acupuncture etc. works with energy.

Psychology and mindfulness work mainly on the mind.

Tao Healing works mainly on the soul level and the heart level, but also takes the mind, energy and matter into the results.

On your soul you carry all your experiences from this life, but also from past lives and you carry a part of your ancestors in you too. That is the karmic burden. Positive karmic influences bring you happiness and health and other blessings. But the negative burden can cause problems in relationships, health, finances and success in life. Everyone has a karmic burden. For some people it mostly shows as positive effects, for others it goes to the other side, bringing lots of challenges. But it can also show up in particular areas causing a very good health, but lots of challenges in your relationships. It’s just depends on where the blockage is. 
The goal of life is to bring back balance. You can do this through spiritual practices that are specifically focused on balancing karma and increasing positive information. However, this requires time, discipline, trust, perseverance etc.

The spiritual training I have had in the past years, has given me many deep insights and developed my spiritual channels more and more. The kind of spiritual healing that I am trained to offer is Tao Healing. It brings healing to all these 5 bodies and helps to align them. It brings light to the blockages within the spiritual body (soul), emotional body (heart), mental body (mind/spirit), energetic body (energy) and physical body (matter). 
If your own bodies carry more light, have fewer blockages and are more in alignment, then this will show in your physical life. You could say, you transform your outer physical life from the inside out. When your blockages diminish, you radiate out different frequencies and vibrations and therefore attract other situations.

Tao Healing is very powerful. I came into contact with it because of my health and my doctor’s statement that I would only have a few months left to live. However, Master Sha gave me his method and I have received a lot of spiritual healing and profound training from him and thanks to his method I am now 10 years later and still alive. In those 10 years I have seen and experienced a lot. My own life has been totally transformed and I have seen many other people blossom and shine as well.

💛 What others have experienced:
I regularly receive very nice feedback from clients about what they have experienced while receiving a spiritual blessing. I share the testimonials below with permission of the person, who received the blessing during a group healing session:

These healingsessions are so powerful! They can touch and transform such a deep layer! 

“I always put my hands over my groins…. at the opening points located there, to let the energy flow….the back of my head became warm, my heart…..I felt so much light inside myself…..I didn’t feel my body, just energy….
I was moved….a kind of coming home only much deeper….
I realized again in another layer, that this is what I have been searching for all my life….being in contact with your soul, not with the mind, not with the ego, but just with the feelings, the deep feelings….
The theme of self-love….. came to surface….love for yourself in connection also with your soul….
That connection with your soul goes so much deeper, than anything else….”

The group healings lift me out of that heavy field so it would be great to continue these groupsessions.

I share the following feedback with the permission of this person, who received his first soul healing session during a personal session.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting so much actually. I had faith in it, but didn’t think it would have that much effect after just one time. Feeling really good now. I finally feel connected to the world around me and to myself again. 

Also no more trouble breathing. The energy in my chest area can finally flow again. It was completely stuck there before. 

Unbelievable what you managed to do for me after one hour. 
Wow those messages you sent me. I am a bit overwhelmed by them. So much energy goes through me when I read that. 
Thank you! 


(note: “the messages” refers to the messages I receive from the soul world during a personal healing session and which I always send to clients. Barbara)

The experiences of some of the group sessions in 2021, can be read here

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If, after everything you have read, you would like to experience this yourself, please sign up and give yourself this gift.


I myself have received a lot of spiriual healing and consciously invested in it! Why did I invest in it? Because it saved me a lot of time in my search for health.
Time never comes back! I have always been aware of that. I have also been very aware of the fact that it was important to spend the time I have usefully on things that are important. Where I can win time by doing something faster in another way, certainly when something so important as my health is involved, I have always invested in spiriutal healing, because it gave me something that was priceless to me: a better quality of life in the shorter term.  And because that opportunity was given to me, I took the chance with both of my hands.

Would you like that too, then Tao Healing is a way for you. Sign up for a group healing session or choose a personal session.

Send me a message via: Barbara.Kuipers@puur-licht.nl And sign up.

💛 Your part/energy exchange:  

The exchange to receive these blessing(s) is

one session for 33,- euro. 

two sessions for 55,- euro.

four sessions for 99,- euro.

If you have never received a Tao Healing session before and would like to experience it once, then participation is free the first time. 

You can not only participate in the group sessions yourself. Your pets or immediate family members can also participate if you would like to give them this as a gift.

Animals also have a soul and benefit from love and light!
Because animals cannot choose for themselves and to make it easier for their owners to share their love for them, animals receive a 50% discount for participating in the group sessions.


If you would like to give yourself or someone else this experience, please sign up by sending me a message with your name (first and last name), your email address and the group healing session you would like to participate in and any additional information you would like to share or if you would like your immediate family member or pet to receive the healing, please include their names as well.
Upon receipt of your message, you will receive an email from me with confirmation of participation and an invoice.
(This is not an automated process so there may be some time in between, please keep that in mind when registering).

In love and light,


The information on the website and the information given during conversations is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition, but serves only as information and education. This information is not intended to replace consultation with a competent healthcare professional. The information is intended to be used as additional information to a prudent and responsible health care program prescribed by a health care professional. I am in no way responsible for any misuse of the information or for stopping treatment on your own initiative. I will never advise to stop any existing treatment or medication.  Receiving the healings is on your own request and on your own responsibility. No promises or promises are made by me with regard to the result, because this differs per person and depends on the existing blockages.

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