What is Soulfulness?

you have the power

I have the power to heal myself

You have the power to heal yourself

Together we have the power to heal the wo

Everyone is a healer by nature. The body, as well as the immune system, has a great potential to heal itself. When you cut yourself in the finger, the wound will heal itself. When you catch a cold, you will normally recover in a few days. All systems, organs and cells have self-regulating, self-regenerating and self-healing abilities.
The Soul healing techniques as taught by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha focus on each person’s inherent ability to heal themselves and to enhance and deepen this ability, focusing on the power of the soul as a leader in the healing process.

Everything and everyone is made up of a soul (spiritual body), heart (emotional body), mind (mental body) and body (physical body). Or to speak in scientific terms: Everyone is a quantum field, a vibrational field. This field contains different layers of information and different degrees of density. The information in this vibrational field determines what our lives look like. And this information can be influenced and changed. By changing the information in this vibrational field, we can effect change in our lives. This applies to our spiritual development, to our emotions, to our intelligence, to our health, relationships, finances, or any other aspect of our lives.

Western medicine focuses on matter, on the balance in the cells, organs and systems. In doing so, it primarily uses drugs to restore bodily functions.
Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the energy balance in the body, and seeks to restore balance through its focus on meridians, acupuncture and herbs. Energy is also part of the physical aspect of human beings.
Psychiatry, Psychology, Mindfulness and related disciplines focus on the power of the mind in maintaining or obtaining health. The effect of the psychological and emotional aspects on the body are widely recognized and accepted. The focus here is on Mind over Matter to influence health.
All of these health disciplines have proven themselves and do a good job, however, it is not enough in all cases. For many conditions, modern medicine still has no solution. The reason for this is, that modern medicine does not involve the heart and soul (enough) in the treatment. It separates the soul from body and mind. By separating the soul from the body and mind, an important force for healing is excluded. Soulfulness uses the power of the soul, along with the power of the body and mind, as a way to restore the function of the organs, systems and cells in the body.


The Power of the Soul        

The power of the soul is unprecedented. The soul has consciousness, intelligence and creativity. The soul has the power to heal and bless. This applies not only to your own soul, your body soul, but to every organ, system and cell, each of which has its own soul. They all have the power to heal themselves and you as a whole.

Soulfulness, as taught by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, works on the soul of the systems, organs and cells.
The techniques used work directly on the matter and energy and thus on the entire body. Matter and energy are carriers of the soul, carriers of the information we carry within us.
The techniques also work effectively on emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, anger and grief.
As well as on the mental body, to balance mental imbalances.
The spiritual body can also be transformed through these techniques.

Soulfulness emphasizes Soul over Matter and is based on the following principle:

The soul is the boss.

Heal the soul first; then healing of mind and body will follow.

Transform the soul first; then transformation of every aspect of life will follow.

Why is Soulfulness important?

The root cause of illness or other challenges in life is that there are blockages in matter and/or energy (body), on the spiritual level (the mind), on the emotional level (heart) or on the soul level (from this life, previous lives or inherited from the ancestors).
The removal of these blockages is the secret to self-healing and prevention of diseases of the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical body and to transforming the challenges in our lives.

Every disease is caused by a blockage / an imbalance in the transformation between matter in the cells and energy outside the cells. The cause of this imbalance may vary. Matter and energy are both carriers of the soul. The soul influences matter and energy. By applying Soulfulness techniques, the imbalance between matter and energy will be able to be removed with the result that healing can take place. This is why Soul over Matter is so powerful and goes a step further than the more well-known Mind over Matter.

Soulfulness is compatible with Western and Eastern medicine as well as other healing methods. It is complementary to any treatment and will be able to support you in improving your quality of life. However, Soulfulness does not only work for health problems, but can also be applied to animals and plants as well as transforming organizations, relationships, finances and any other aspect of life.

The techniques for harnessing soul power for healing and transformation are simple, practical, powerful and easy to learn.

What I can do for you

As a certified Soul Mind Body Alignment Practitioner I can give you background information and teach you the practical techniques, how you can use the power of the soul to increase your health or improve your quality of life. You can therefore at all times apply these techniques yourself and call upon this great power, whereby you can take your own health into your own hands or transform other aspects of your life. You are therefore not dependent on me.

In addition, I can support you by offering Healing, both during a meeting and remotely, and/or Reading so you can get more in touch with your true self and the power that is present in you.

Soulfulness has already changed many lives, including my own. It works!  


The information on this website and the information provided during conversations is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, but is for informational and educational purposes. This information is not intended to replace consultation with a competent health care professional. The information is intended to be used as a supplement to a sensible and responsible health care program prescribed by a health care professional. I am not responsible in any way for any misuse of the information or for stopping treatment on your own initiative. I will never recommend stopping an existing treatment or medication. I am not trained as a physician.  Spiritual Healing is not the same as the healing of medically recognized pathological conditions, but aims to restore contact with the so-called cosmic life energy.