My story has been published in a book

During the last couple of years I met a few people who told me to write a book about my life, about my illness and about my journey to heal myself. And I know, one day I will write that book. I will write it with the intention to inspire others, to help others, to share my experiences and to bring the message of hope, to be an example for them who need it, that everything is possible, even when the doctors tell you there is no hope at all. There is! I am forever grateful to those who shared their stories with me, and who were my examples, my inspiration, my light in dark moments and who gave me hope.
It would mean a lot to me to share my story with the world one day, when the time is ready. However, it is not the right moment yet for me to write my story, there is more to come. And what is coming also needs to be included in that book, so I need to wait a little longer.

But I am very honored and excited to announce that the essence of my story has been published in a book lately. It is part of Soul Healing Miracles by dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. The newest book of my doctor and spiritual father, my teacher and the one who saved my life. I am extremely honored that my story has been selected to be part of that book so the essence of my story can already inspire and serve many people around the world. Thank you so very much for this honor. A part of my wish became reality.
It is the essence of my story, that now is being shared with the world. A story about a very difficult and dark part of my life and how it has been transformed to light. I myself, typed the essence and sent it in. I lived that life. So I know every little detail of that story and the life I lived, and also of what has not been written yet, because it is too much to share. But I know that one day I will share that part as well, in my future book and also in the blog that I will start soon about my Journey to the Purest Light. 

Yesterday I received a copy of the pages 171-172 of the Soul Healing Miracle Book, the pages with my story printed on it. I read it and it was like the message of my own life suddenly really hit me. It is so different when you know it in your mind, when you have felt it in every cell of your body, but you just try to ignore it because that is the only way to hold on and to continue. But then, when you read it in printed letters on paper… it suddenly is real, truly real…. 
For a long time I just sat there, staring at the pages. I couldn’t continue with what I was doing. It was like time stood still for a moment. Deep pain was coming up, because of all the memories of those days when my life was so difficult. 

And then I heard James Blunt singing to me over the speakers of my computer: 

Shine On, just, shine on!
Close your eyes and they’ll all be gone.

So shine on. Just shine on!
With your smile just as bright as the sun.

That is reality too! I have been given a second chance. My life has changed tremendously and there is a wonderful bright shining future ahead of me. It is time to open my heart now to this new life that has been gifted to me and to share with the world how my life transformed from a period in which there was no hope, to a life filled with light and happiness. While I am writing this blog the Sun is shining brightly into my room and I am fully aware of the extraordinary life I am living now. Everything changed, and will continue to become better.

The essence of my story is published, like I said before, in Soul Healing Miracles Book. Soul Healing transformed my life completely. It brought the miracle I was hoping for. The teachings and practices shared within this book, can transform your life as well. Grab a copy of this book. Take time to read it. Practice with it. And experience what this book and Soul Healing can do for you.
If you have any questions about soul healing, or about my experiences, please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask anything you would like to know more about. It is my greatest honor to help anyone in need and to share the message of hope and light. Remember there is always HOPE. There is always LIGHT. All you need to do is open your heart and soul for the miracles which are available to everyone. I am just one example. There are many more people all around the world who experienced Miracles in their lives through Soul Healing. You can be the next…..

“I have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of my life.
You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.
Together we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life of humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.”

~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha~

Soul Healing Miracles Book, page 171-172

I have my life back after being a prisoner in my body

I got sick in 1995 but the doctor couldn’t explain to me why I didn’t recover. He told me I just had to live with it, but every year I felt worse. I had headaches and nausea.  My liver hurt. I had eye problems and problems with mental clarity. And all of this became worse over time.

I tried many alternative healing methods without any relief. When I awoke on January 13, 2004 my whole body was in pain. It was hard to walk. My brain fog was intense.  I couldn’t go to work in that condition.

It was the first day of many years of lying in bed. No doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. All I knew was that my symptoms continued to worsen. My organs were slowly failing. It was hard to eat, hard to move, and hard to focus because of the brain fog and total lack of energy.

All I could do was lie down and stare at the ceiling. I was very sensitive to sound and movement. I couldn’t concentrate and was completely disoriented at times, which made it very difficult to take care of myself or to go outside. I felt like I was captive inside my body and my house until I found a doctor who was willing to do some tests on my liver. Finally it was determined that my liver didn’t detoxify as it should and many of the toxins were stored in my body –  in my muscles, tissues, organs, nervous system, and brain.

After five years in bed, fighting for my life, a new fight started. How could I get all the toxins out of my body? My body was so weak that it felt like it was too late.

On June 10, 2010 (note: this will be corrected to October 6, 2010 in a future printing or revised edition) I went to a Free Soul Healing Evening with Dr. and Master Sha, and the next day I was very blessed to have a personal conversation with him. Master Sha said the main issue was the heavy soul blockages in my liver and that if nothing changed, my life could be deeply and drastically affected. Master Sha told me he could help me, but that it would take about two years before l could have my health back. I was so happy to have hope again.

I participated in as many teleconferences and webcasts as I could to learn the soul wisdom and practical techniques and to receive the blessings. I practiced every day for many hours. It was an intense period, but I could see and feel my inner organs starting to function again. I gained weight, the pain in my body decreased, and I felt how much love, care, and compassion there was for me. I was not just a number or a sick client. That was what really touched me.

After about two years, just like master Sha said, there was a major breakthrough when I received Divine Services on September 11, 2012. My energy increased, my mental clarity improved, and the pain decreased.

It is now August 2013 and it is my first summer in ten years that I can enjoy the outside. I have started to work. I am doing physical exercise, taking long walks in nature. My social life is back, and I am so much stronger, healthier, happier and  getting better every day. It really is a miracle to me.

I can never thank Master Sha, the Divine, Tao, and The Source enough for all that has been given to me and for saving my life.

soulhealing miracles