Tao Healing for Pets


Many people have a deep connection with their pets. Animals also have a soul and their own path to take in life, which sometimes has challenges. 

Animals can also receive Tao healing. They also need light and healing and benefit from more harmony between their soul, heart, mind and body.

Animals are very sensitive to receiving Healing and are grateful recipients. My own cats have shown tremendous change in recent years after receiving healing.

Pets are mostly unconditional servants:
Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners.
Owners of horses often build a deep bond with their noble quadruped.
Many cats know exactly when their boss is sick and will lie down against the painful spot and purr loudly.

But they can also get sick and suffer from pain or feel deep emotions. Then a Tao Healing for your pet is an option.
This can be done for every aspect of your pet’s life, including:

  • Health

Physical conditions, for example, pain, chronic illness, fatigue, skin conditions.
Faster recovery from injuries.

  • Emotions

Tao healing can help with behavioral issues arising from fear, sadness, grief, anger or stress.
Processing a past with abuse or neglect and transforming it into love, peace and harmony.

  • Reducing stress
  • Relationships

such as improving and deepening a loving relationship between you and your pet or more harmony between different pets.

♥ ♥ ♥

Tao healing gives hope, transformation and results.

After years of preparation and training, I am allowed to be a channel for the Universal Light, the Soul Light, the Light from the Source.
In this way I may transmit the light to those who wish to receive a healing for a specific request. The light goes to the soul and heals and transforms it, after which healing of the heart, mind and body can follow. The soul is the foundation. When the soul shines much light, success and transformation in many aspects of life can follow.

During these healings, I do not touch the animal. I only open myself as a channel so that the animal may receive what is appropriate at that time.
Through years of training and the intensive purification process that I have gone through, this has become a pure channel, so the power of the healings can be particularly great. The purer the channel, the more powerful the healing. However, the result of the healings is different for everyone and I cannot make any promises. It depends on what the animal is allowed and able to receive. The healing is tailored to each animal and it receives no more than it can and should receive. It is not the intention that the animal receives too much and the body cannot process it.
Tao Healing sessions can take place during a consultation or remotely.


Tao Healing sessions can be given in silence at an agreed upon time without contact, or given over the phone/ZOOM if desired.
You can choose what feels most comfortable.

Since one healing session is often not enough to fully resolve the deeper layers of a problem, and in that case multiple session are recommended, you can also choose a package of several sessions. 

Prices are a form of energy exchange and will be tailored to your personal situation. Please contact me for this. Prices starting at 35 euro. 

Every second is a possibility that your pet and you can start over.
Start today to change your pet’s life!


My sweet cat named; Blackie, was born at my house, as a blind kitten and has now reached the age of about 18 years. We had 8 cats at one point, one big whole happy Cat family.
Now blackie is the only one left.
I have received regular healings from Barbara for myself.
At one point I told Barbara that my oldest cat had died and I was so sad about it. It turned out that the soul of this cat had been with Barbara for a while, and the soul of my cat started to push/insist on talking to her. But then Blackie came up. I understood that Barbara also gave healings to pets, and that was what I only needed to hear once. Now it was Blackie’s turn, as long as Blackie wanted it, of course.
I had sent photos of him and Barbara already said that he was a bit grumpy, like an old man with a heavy energy around him. Blackie has been through a lot in my home situation, stress/difficulties/divorce etc.
Barbara talked to his soul and gave him a healing, how valuable is this!!!!
Blackie will remain blind in this life but he knows how to deal with this, although it is very nice to know what it will be like in his next life.
️And now after the session?!!! Blackie is a huge cuddler and has become much friendlier after the healing. There is a certain heavy energy taken away from him. He has improved immensely. I sent Barbara a picture of how he is now and even in the picture Barbara sees how his energy has become lighter.
A healing is very important for both humans and animals. Remember that animals take on the energy/strain/grief etc. of their owners, then they may be released from that as well.
I am so grateful to Barbara for what she has done for Blackie. And this one healing will not stop but it is enough for now. Blackie may indicate when he is ready for the next.
Bye, happy boss