Guan Yin’s Crown Chakra Blessing


Receiving a Guan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing is something very special and this blessing has a very great healing power.

Every cell, every organ, every system and every part of our body carries information and messages. This information and messages can come from this life, but also from previous lives. Your soul, heart, mind and body, among others, may carry old patterns, negative beliefs, painful memories or limiting messages that can prevent you from feeling good. They need a new message in order to function in a healthier way.

The different forms of Tao Healing can all contribute to this in a different way. They bring a great deal of light and transformation with the goal of clearing blockages and replacing them with a higher message.
A Crown Chakra Blessing is one of the most powerful ways to transform a message! A Guan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing has its own unique power.

What is a Guan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing?

Guan Yin is the Buddha of Compassion, one of the ascended masters. She has attained the Tao.
She carries with her one of the highest powers for healing for the Divine and the Tao, and she is one of the chosen ones to be able to grant karma cleansing.
Her soul is connected to many Buddhas, saints and other light beings who work with her.

When you receive a Guan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing, I will only function as a channel. It will be the hand of the soul of Guan Yin coming on your head, on your crown chakra. Around you will be many Buddhas and light beings providing support and this field of light can be felt in the room.

Your crown chakra is the gateway to heaven and connects you to all the layers of heaven and to the soul world.
At the moment the Blessing begins, the light will enter your body through your crown chakra and go down through the other chakras and the central channel, the Zhong Mai meridian.
The light stops where there is a blockage to transform it and bring light where it is needed and as far as is appropriate at that time and then continues its path down through all the chakras.
Each chakra is connected to certain aspects of your life.
The sixth chakra is connected to the nervous system, the endocrine system, brain functions, opening your third eye, concentration and memory, among other things.
The fifth chakra is connected to the throat and thyroid, and willpower, among other things.
The fourth chakra (heart chakra) is connected to love, forgiveness, compassion and light, among other things, as well as the heart, lungs, lymphatic system, digestive system, opening your spiritual channels and finances.
The third chakra is connected to the liver, kidneys, stomach, bladder, courage, strength and perseverance, among other things.
The second chakra is connected to important energy centers and the colon, among others, and plays an important role in weight loss.
The first chakra is connected to whole-body healing, the immune system, relationships, self-confidence and stability, among other things.
When the light has passed through all chakras and reaches the first chakra, there will be an explosion of light throughout the body, nourishing the whole body.

Guan Yin also holds a vase of nectar. During the Crown Chakra Blessing, this nectar will nourish you.

You can request healing, for your health, for balancing emotions, for finding your true love, for improving your relationship or your financial situation, or for any other aspect of your life that you are seeking help for at that time. A Crown Chakra Blessing is a blessing for every aspect of life.
Some things in life are fixed. Other aspects of life are changeable and this depends on the amount of virtue the soul has accumulated.
During the blessing you receive virtue that will be able to change your life. You receive what is appropriate at that time and what your body can handle. 

When a saint places his or her hand on your crown chakra, it is a life-changing experience. Each time a Crown Chakra Blessing is received it is written down in the Akashic Records and much light is brought to your Akashic Records Book.
It is a privilege to receive this form of healing.
And it is a privilege for me to be able to offer this Crown Chakra Blessing. This is only possible because of the special transmission I received as a Guan Yin Lineage Holder through Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Without this transmission, this would not be possible.

A Crown Chakra Blessing is one of the most powerful forms of healing you can receive and can be received in person, as well as remotely.

Guan Yin’s Crown Chakra Blessing.  The honorfee / price of this blessing is a form of energy exchange and is tailored to the personal situation. Please contact me for a reading.